January 6, 2020

Is Solar Power a Good Fit for Boomers?

One of the biggest Solar questions … is it appropriate for people over the age of 55 to install solar? The average amount these folks spend on electricity is $1,500 per year. And that cost is rising 3.5% per year (average annual increase in electricity prices in the USA). 

Given those numbers over the next 25 years a Valley Boomer can expect to spend over $58,000 on their power bill. Wow-eee. Most people over 55 intend to live in their homes for decades after retirement, with their power bill representing a large chunk of their overhead. 

When it comes to paying for Solar, Boomers have a few smart options. A Boomer can install Solar through ICON POWER with $0 out-of-pocket. The preconceptions that solar requires a large cash outlay, or isn’t a good fit for older Americans is an out-dated notion.

Immediately upon installing solar a Boomer’s power bills will be lower on the go-forward than their current payment. In addition if they choose to pay cash, up front, they will experience ultra low power bills over the next few decades!

Other options include getting a no out-of-pocket, low-interest solar loan, paying off their solar system over time. This allows Boomers to still own their system while experiencing lower bills. The last option is signing up for a solar power purchase agreement (PPA), where a solar installer owns the system and then sells you power for cheaper rates than your current power company.

Boomers are more active and healthier today than ever before, with 87% of them saying they wish to stay in their own homes as they age.

With Americans living longer, and choosing to stay in their homes for decades after retirement, power bills will represent a large chunk of their expenses as they age.

Boomers choosing to go Solar will experience significant power savings while helping the environment well into their retirement years.

Considering going solar? ICON POWER maintains a 5.0, 5 Star Rating on Google and Facebook. Having installed over 1,000 systems we pride ourselves on using only premium quality equipment backed with exceptional customer service. Icon will work with you to understand your electricity consumption and then design an advanced system that significantly lowers your power bill payment, is easy to monitor on your computer or mobile device and that is also good for the environment!