Every home and family is different, so the size of your system will depend on your energy needs and roof space. If you keep your thermostat at 75 degrees in the summer, you might need a larger solar system than someone that keeps their thermostat at 82 degrees.


We design a custom fit solar system to meet your specific usage needs and routines. Before the system is installed, you will have an opportunity to see the design of the final system.

Typically, the turnaround time for a residential solar project is 8-12 weeks. Factors that determine the actual length of time include the city/county jurisdictions where you live. The actual solar installation takes only a day or two. The estimated project timeline will be included in the proposal given to you at your solar appointment.

By generating your own electricity, your electric bill will be lowered significantly. Actual savings depend on the size of your solar system and your current electric usage. You may still draw some power from your utility, but at a lower priced rate. We design a system that is considered the best fit for your home and determine the ideal utility rate for your remaining energy needs.